A checklist to assess your mental status

Below is a checklist to help you assess your mental health.

A "yes" does not necessarily mean that you are mentally ill.  But it warrents attention.

But if you would like to rid of that state, you are advised to get counseling.

Upon counseling if the condition deems necessary,  you will be referred for an appropriate care.


  • I don't like myself. There is nothing good about me.  I am good for nothing.

  • I have difficulty making decisions.  I have little concentration.   My judgement is often at fault.

  • I have no energy.  I can't finish the things I have started.  It takes a long time whatever I do.

  • I suffer inderterminate physical symptoms  i.e. headache, backache, digestive problems, vertigo, nausea.

  • I feel alone and sad.  Life does not seem worth living.  I cry about little things.

  • I feel inferior in my looks, education, job, family background, financial status.

  • I often can't control my temper and I explode easily.  I am violent.  I sometimes want to hurt people.

  • These days I am wary of being with people.  I don't want to see or talk to people.

  • I make more small mistakes these days than before.  I feel incompetent.  I blame myself.

  • I feel that people are talking bad things about me behind my back.

  • Once I start worrying about something, I can't stop, even if I know that it is not likely so.

  • I have to follow certain procedures in everything.  I believe in omens. evil eyes, bad luck signs.

  • I have bad habits I can't stop.  Or I have dependencies on substance, alcohol, gambling, shopping.

  • I often have nightmares.

  • I have no emotion.  I sometimes feel that I am outside of myself.  The world seems unreal.

  • I have no objective.  I don't know what to do with myself in the future.

  • I want to die.  I think about the various ways I could kill myself.

  • I cut myself sometimes or hurt my body.

  • Sometimes I lose track of where I am or who I am.

  • Sometimes I hear voices ordering me what to do.