A Message from the Counselor

  Hi. Pleased to meet you.  I am Akiko Oshima,  counselor at Aki Counseling Clinic.

My first encounter with counseling was when I lived in the United States in the 1980s.

At that time counseling was little known in Japan.

Psychoanalysis as well as counseling assume that when an ill element is corrected , a different result would ensue.
Having actually witnessed its effectiveness that it can help everybody, I wanted to take it back to Japan.

If through counseling people could feel more free and actualize their potentials, there will be less stress and frustration.

In today's world people are pressured to adapt and perform, losing touch with oneself.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of "being alive" while say, listening to good music?

Or feeling at one with nature?

Or of experiencing yourself here and now?  Haven't you forgotten that sensation for awhile?

Let us once again examine what life is all about and where you want to go from here.