For the First Timers

Counseling has been around for awhile and has been getting popular, but it is not clear what it does or how it works.
How much of below are you familiar with?

  • Counseling is not just for the mentally ill. It benefits everybody.

  • Counselor is not a foretune teller or a guru. You won't be told what to do.

  • Counseling helps you reinstate or restore the inherent energy not only to cope but to be self-directed.

  • What are the counseling tools?

  • There are two kinds of worries.

  • What does it mean to live ? What are its possiblities?

      Counseling is not just for the mentally ill. It benefits everybody.

    But if you are actually ill and could benefit from medication, we would be the first to tell you and introduce you to a psychiatrist.

    Alternatively if you are wondering whether you are ill or not, and are hesitating to go for medical help, we can be informative.

    We also welcome those who are currently under treatment and taking medication.

    We will work alongside a psychiatrist/ general physician, in order to provide support and peace of mind during recovery.



      Counselor is not a foretune teller or a guru.

    In counseling, a counselor and a client form a partnership.

    The client is encouraged to examine the nature of the problem and himself/herself.

    Counselor helps to clarify and identify the source of the problem.

    He does not give directives or claims to know about the future.

    Assuming the responsibility for oneself and being able to make intelligent decisions about the future is part of the work.



      The counseling goal is to help regain your true Self with all its potentials and free flowing energy.

    When obstacles within yourself are taken away, the energy flows freely to enhance self-cure.

    So counseling is effective not only for those who have problems but beneficial for everybody.

    Nobody is perfect and so a new perspective may open up if you change your behavior, thoughts and feelings.

    It may get you a step closer to happiness or to your own objectives.

    You can learn more about yourself, learn to be your own best friend and be a confident in being yourself.



      What are the counseling tools?

    The only tool is talking. No gimics, no medication.

    Are you of the opinion that talking produces more harm than good? What good is talking anyway?

    Do you think that personality can not be changed? Not easy. That is for sure.

    But a medical model could help you understand better.

    When an organ has some inherent weakness, energy going into that organ is insufficient to ward off stress and illness.

    But when the obstruction is taken away and energy given a freeway, the resistance is enhanced.

    So is with our mental health. When the weakness is identified and strengthened, you can cope better with stressful life situations.



      Do you realize that there are two kinds of problems?

    There are problems which you yourself have created and there are those you can do nothing about.

    There may be ways to get around both.

    By objectifying yourself with the help of a professional, you may be able to find alternatives you could not see before.



      What is self-actualization?

    In order to pursue the current realistic goals and do well, modern man may bends backwards to adapt.

    In doing so, one can lose oneself and become a clog in a huge corporate or societal machine.

    Everybody is born with some potential.

    Discover what your potentials are. Life will be more satisfactory when they are developed.

    That is self-actualization. It requires a free and self-directed Self.

    Sometimes a problem or maladaptation is an entry to "YOUR WAY".